Basically, life happened.

Greetings fellow readers!

It's been for ever and a century... But I'm back, at least I hope. It's been a crazy month and a half, two months... How ever long it's been. Not just my life, but work has been out to kick my ass. Don't really understand why, specially at this time of the year, when I actually need money.

Anyway... Let's get started.

I'll start with the restaurant, because I think it's what you all care most about.

Don't know if you guys recall, the stupid hostes/server we got that was plain idiotic? She's still there... Getting the shittiest hours, and even shittier service. The reason why this month has been so shifty is because of her.

There was an altercation between her and I, to which my manager walked on, as I was giving her a piece of my mind. One thing led to another, and I got punished for two weeks because of it. Getting 3 half days per week, MORNING shifts... Isn't cutting it. I am now $437 in debt, and don't know where I'll get that cash.

After the fact, everyone has spoken to our manager, he's up to speed about her fuckups and I'm hoping next week that I'll have more hours.

Today he interviewed a new girl... So, I have high hopes that i don't see that fuckig cunt anymore.

$30 every two to three days is not something you can live on.


As far as my personal life goes... Just been chilling and sleeping when I get a chance to. Still tokin, still pwning.

Plan to get a scooter by the end of next week, let's see how that goes for me. If I can pull that off, my life will get sooooo much easier.

No more 20m walks to and from work. It's been getting on my nerves lately.

Sucks even more that when ever my roommate is around, he doesn't even bother to offer a ride, knowing very well what I go through every day. Just part of the struggle I guess.

All I due time, I have lots of plans to bring to fruition... But I'm not desperate in any way.

One step at a time... Hmm hmmhmm hmmmmmmmmhmm hmmm


To anyone who actually waited for my posts and looks forward to them, two things:

Thank you, for your patience and understanding.
It's not that I don't want to, I honestly have no time.


Being cut short those two weeks made me do crazy apeshit looking for another possible job... The entirety of my focus was solely on that. My apologies.

Thank you everybody, and have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night.


Just in case.

I was told earlier today, that the word "cunt" is extremely offensive. Like, even more so than your average "motherfucker", or "fuck you!".

If I have offended anyone with my last post (which contained like 40 cunts), I humbly apologize. This is how I normally speak, if I were talking to you face to face. I will keep an eye out for it, but I'd like to stay genuine.

What do you guys think?


Long story short...

Some of you might remember me saying that I'd be posting more often. Believe me, I've been trying... But as you delve further down this post, you will see what a shit storm of a week this has been for me.

To set the mood, I'm right now at my house, out back by the pool smoking a cigarette. After taking a much deserved shower and learning that I have 5 double shifts this week, it honestly can't be any better.

I'll start off by telling you a little bit about our lovely hostess. She's a girl who's been living down here for about three years now. Undocumented, and the only reason (I honestly think she did it on purpose) that she's still here is because she managed to get knocked up by a gringo.

She is 28, but has the mind of a high school brat who thinks she's part of the popular kids. When she was training to be our hostess, she dabbled into the menu a bit, and we showed her the basics of waiting tables. All that patience, explaining, and training aside can't possibly amend a mentally challenged person.

This girl is by far, the stupidest person I've ever worked with in the restaurant business.

She can't stay off her phone. When ever a party comes with children, she's always there playing with them, talking to their parents about her own kid, instead of doing her fucking job. She is getting paid for us, the servers to greet, sit, and assign our own tables. Are you fucking kidding me?! On a taco Tuesday, she has the nerve to order food at 6:30pm, right when we're the busiest, and sits on her ass in the back eating that shit as slow as she fucking can. All the meanwhile, we are all busting our asses with 10 tables a pop.

Can you tell this girl frustrates me yet?

To top it all off, and the reason why I've been away all this week is because one of our most dear and best servers left this week. I was picked to take over his shifts, and I've been fucking tired.

I'm going to miss that guy. He's the coworker that you're just so glad that he arrived. When it's time to hustle, he busts his ass. But in the downtime we get here and there, he's just busting jokes, saying dumb shit to make us laugh, helping is with our tables or drinks, what ever. He did it. I'm sure going to miss that guy, and what has sucked even more, is that I've been paired up with that dumb cunt all week.

Babysitting is something for teenagers, you get paid $10 for the night, and you were golden.

For her to assign herself a table of guys just so she "can look at them" is fucking ridiculous.

In my honest opinion, she's out to find her fetus a daddy. For a solid week, all she did was shake her fake ass left and right and flirt with me. Give me looks and all this other shit. FUCK THAT. She's tried with every single male in the restaurant, even the cooks, which is fucking pathetic. Never does her job correctly, never takes care of her tables, always fucking up her orders, etc.

I have no clue how this dumb cunt is still there.

Somebody please shoot me.

Everything is so much better after a dab, isn't it?

Isn't it!?


Shitty hostes, check. Server bro leaving, check. Oh, yeah! As of late, don't know what his deal is either, but my boss has been on my ass for the dumbest shit.

Just two days ago, one of HIS friends came to chat him up. She's a female, so he's gotta do all the chivalrous shit that men do to try and get laid. In that whole ordeal, she came up to me and asked me for a flan. I didn't think much of it, went to the back and made it for her. After about an hour after the fact, she left.

Later, (and I honestly think it was only because I opened my big mouth), I ask if the flan she asked for was free. He gave me a weird look and said "free?!" You didn't charge her? "No, since she came to see you and you guys were talking for a while, I figured you just gave it to her."

At this point, I could see I had done fucked up, but even so.... Is honesty literally worth nothing anymore these days?

He made me pay for it. The whole $4.24.

But you know what... Karma is a fucking bitch bro.

Just last week. I had a cash out where he ended up owing me $20. There are days where you only get credit cards, and he has to cash out your tips at the end of your shift. This particular day, he was short on cash and I told him another time. I was honestly going to let it go and not ask him for them. I can make that in 15 mins, I'm not worried.

He ended up losing out on $15 instead of paying for the flan himself, or simply forgetting about it. He's the fucking owner... Give me a break. Am I wrong here?

Had to proof read and spell check... I'm that guy.

As for me personally, I try and relax when ever I can, and by that I mean get fucking retarded. Work really takes it out of me, and the majority of the time I actually have to myself, I spend it sleeping. It's such a damn waste, but I can't really help it.

Been really trying to find time to game. I could stay up until 2:45am tonight...


...I've just been dead, a little.

Greetings reader!!

Making time to actually put things down is very difficult. The picture I posted was supposed to be here two days ago!!
*makes angry face*

Tomorrow I have off. Yay!! I'll post about our lovely new hostess then.

I'm dabing myself retarded, then going to sleep.



Hi, welcome! How many in your party?

There's going to be four of us, and can we get the corner booth?
*Starts walking with our waiting for my answer*

I grab the menus and silverware and walk down to the booth. I place and prep the table. The busboy arrives with chips and salsa and I ask: May I get yo-

I want waters for the whole table. Another chips and salsa and a margarita.

Our standard flavor is lime, we also have mango, peach, and strawberry.

Just get me a regular margarita with salt.

Thank you ma'am. I'll be right back.

I went to the computer to place in her order. Walked to the back to get just one water. I'll be straight up with you: If you're here on a Tuesday afternoon, 15 minutes before Taco Tuesday starts, and you expect complete and total attention?! You can fuck right off. I have other tables that will take care of me a lot better than you.

Rant over.

As I exit the kitchen, I look at the bar and see that my margarita is almost ready. I walk over to her table and put her water down and place a straw on the rim.

Where are the chips and salsa, and the other waters?

As soon as the rest of your party arrives, I'll bring them out.

No, I want them out now.

Ma'am, the ice will melt and the coaster will be soggy. The chips will get cold and the salsa stale.

Just do it.

I turned around and headed for the bar, checking my other three tables along the way. When I got to the bar I picked up the margarita, stabbed the ticket and turned around, to see that her party was at the door, waving at her.

I walked slow to give them time to sit, and I placed the margarita down.

Hi ladies, welcome! May I get you all started with a drink?

I'd like a coke please.

May I have tea?

Sweet or unsweet?

Sweet tea please.

I want a jack and coke.

Would you like some water also?

Yes please.

After I got their drink orders, I left, and the busboy came right away with another set of chips and salsa. I love it when a bitch doesn't get her way. The whole time I was engaged with her friends, she was grilling me hard core. Trying to stare me down to death... Give it up lady, that's the reason I didn't bring out waters like you wanted.

By this time, it was well into Taco hell. At around 5:45, maybe 6, and a few drinks, they decide to order.

None of the ladies that came in after the fact wanted anything. They were content with their drinks and the chips and salsa the busboy kept bringing out.

Hey! Hey you! Waiter! Waiter!!

As soon as I am finished with a table just down the row, I walk up.


I want a menu, I want to order something.

Sure thing.

I ask the hostes to hand me a menu and a desert menu.

With them in hand, I pull out my pad and hand her the menus as I arrive.

Is there something specific you had in mind? Maybe I can help you choose?

I'll let you know when I'm ready.

And with the wave of her hand, and the lowering of her gaze from me to the menu gave me a pretty strong hint that she was "done with me".

Ok guy.

Bouncing 8 tables at once, with them all having tacos and needing things fast, and this cunt is taking her sweet ass time every chance I'm at her booth...

She raises her hand at me from across the restaurant, and after I finish running food for a fellow co worker, I walk over.

After 20 minutes of looking at the menus she says, "I have a question".

Ok, what may I help you with?

I want these nachos, but I only want chicken, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

Not even the grilled veggies? It won't have much body, it'll be more of an appetizer than a meal.

It's ok I'm not that hungry. We're inn a hurry, so if you could... And get me another margarita.

By this time, it's almost 7. If they really were in a hurry, they would have left around 6. What ever... The restaurant is in full gear. The cooks in the back are shouting to each other back and forth, coordinating grilling and prepping to get dishes out right. The mass quantity of tacos that comes out is unreal. The bar is also in high gear, we have $1 bud light and ultra drafts along with the tacos, and people order 3 or 4 per person at a time. Needless to say, it was going to be a while. Maybe even 15 mins before her food was ready.

I severely underestimated the speeds of both the kitchen and the bar. Her nachos came out first, exactly how she ordered them, but I was running drinks for another table when that happened, and she turned them away and sent them back. After I finished running drinks, I went back to the bar to find my margarita being made, so I went to the kitchen and asked what happened with the nachos.

I was told she wanted the grilled veggies, or else it wouldn't be "fajita nachos", when I specifically remember telling her that with out the veggies, the nachos won't have much body, and she insisted on not having them anyway. When I left the kitchen, I went to the bar, grabbed my margarita, and walked to her table.

Here you go ma'am, I was told what was wrong with the nachos, but I recall asking you if you were sure you didn't want them and you said no.

I did not, why would I order fajita nachos then?

You totally told him no babe.

Yeah, we heard you say no.

Shut up, I don't want the nachos. And this margarita is 7 minutes late, I won't pay for it either.

Ma'am, I understand you're frustrated, but I'm trying to resolve this. What may I do to appease the situation?

Bring us our checks. We're all on our own tabs. I'm only paying for one margarita, and that's it. Here's four dollars.

As she gathers her things, I look at her friends bewildered as to this situation. They seem as surprised as I am to what's happening, I just don't say anything and leave.

I check on my other tables before going to my manager and explaining the situation to him. He's a nice guy, very understanding. He and I split her tab after a 50% discount, and just leave it at that. Once she leaves and I have split the checks, I go back to the table, to find 3 of the 4 ladies still there.

Here you are ladies, I humbly apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you. If there's anything I may do for you, please let me know.

Not for me, you did a really good job.

Pfft... You we're great!

Yeah, I don't know what got into her, you were awesome!

I get the feeling it was the booze talking, or them feeling bad for me because of her friend... But regardless, it was nice to hear that they at least appreciated me.

We're paying cash, put our tabs together.

After two more rounds of margaritas, they paid and left.

With their tip, I paid that cunts tab tenfold and then some.

Every other table that night was relatively smooth. With the occasional brat who orders chicken fingers and asks for ranch dressing...

All in all, it was a good night.

I had off today, and I've just been catching up on some sleep, I need it.


My "Style"

Finally made it back from work, and boy was there hustle today. Taco Tuesdays is the worst day at any Mexican restaurant who feel the need to comply with the American notion that: "It's Tuesday, tacos have the letter T in it! Let's make Taco Tuesday!!"

Water with ice, 2 beef tacos.

An hour later, pay up $3, to make a net gain of ¢54.

Fuck Tuesdays.

ANYWAY!!! (Segway)

This post is about my "style"... By that I mean, how I usually write. Not just here on LJ, but in my paper journals, my stories, even when I take notes or make lists, I do these things every time.

First, though... Time to get ripped!

I am a very sporadic writer. Sometimes, I feel very inspired, and will make a post in a single sitting, at one time. Other times, just like now, I leave the post window open. Browse about the Internet, do some basic arithmetic and set aside today's tips for bills, rent, etc. Watch some YouTube (I love my LP's), pop open an Arizona Tea and kick back.

There's never been an instance where I take more than a day to post anything, even if it's very small. I'd like to challenge myself to actually keep this journal going, the hard part about that will be making time. I could while I'm on break, or at times like now when I can just sit down and take my time... Who knows.

I consider myself very... "proper"?, when I either say stuff, describe something, or put thoughts down.

Grammar is important to a degree, but I'm not a grammer natzi either.

On a side note:

I curse way more than I should in my "normal" life, but I have to kiss ass and be courteous while working.

There will be much of the cursing happening here.

I like to get stoned, so references to that will more often than not make a debut once in a while.

Sorry if it isn't your cup of tea.

Today I had quite the "ride" with *dun dun dun* booth D-5, I'll leave that for tomorrow.

Hi bed <3


What this is...

I am a server, been in the business for a long time. Haven't been on LJ since basically high school... I missed it.

I'll be posting the ins and outs of my life at my job, it's happenstances, nice and shitty customers, etc.

I might get personal, I might not... I'll see where the course of this journal takes place.

In the meantime, I on break at the moment. Was planning on walking back to my house which is like 15 mins away for some tokes before I had to come back, and just as is my luck with Florida weather... It literally started pouring as soon as I set a foot out the door.

In the long run, Taco Tuesday really takes it out of me. I would have much rather been stoned than have to wait, but when days like these come along... Those hits are really something. Already had a bitch today, and made sure she went out of her way to make a scene. If that's a sign of how today is going to shape up... I can't wait!!

I'll post either after I get out of work, or when I get home.