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My "Style"

Finally made it back from work, and boy was there hustle today. Taco Tuesdays is the worst day at any Mexican restaurant who feel the need to comply with the American notion that: "It's Tuesday, tacos have the letter T in it! Let's make Taco Tuesday!!"

Water with ice, 2 beef tacos.

An hour later, pay up $3, to make a net gain of ¢54.

Fuck Tuesdays.

ANYWAY!!! (Segway)

This post is about my "style"... By that I mean, how I usually write. Not just here on LJ, but in my paper journals, my stories, even when I take notes or make lists, I do these things every time.

First, though... Time to get ripped!

I am a very sporadic writer. Sometimes, I feel very inspired, and will make a post in a single sitting, at one time. Other times, just like now, I leave the post window open. Browse about the Internet, do some basic arithmetic and set aside today's tips for bills, rent, etc. Watch some YouTube (I love my LP's), pop open an Arizona Tea and kick back.

There's never been an instance where I take more than a day to post anything, even if it's very small. I'd like to challenge myself to actually keep this journal going, the hard part about that will be making time. I could while I'm on break, or at times like now when I can just sit down and take my time... Who knows.

I consider myself very... "proper"?, when I either say stuff, describe something, or put thoughts down.

Grammar is important to a degree, but I'm not a grammer natzi either.

On a side note:

I curse way more than I should in my "normal" life, but I have to kiss ass and be courteous while working.

There will be much of the cursing happening here.

I like to get stoned, so references to that will more often than not make a debut once in a while.

Sorry if it isn't your cup of tea.

Today I had quite the "ride" with *dun dun dun* booth D-5, I'll leave that for tomorrow.

Hi bed <3

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