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Basically, life happened.

Greetings fellow readers!

It's been for ever and a century... But I'm back, at least I hope. It's been a crazy month and a half, two months... How ever long it's been. Not just my life, but work has been out to kick my ass. Don't really understand why, specially at this time of the year, when I actually need money.

Anyway... Let's get started.

I'll start with the restaurant, because I think it's what you all care most about.

Don't know if you guys recall, the stupid hostes/server we got that was plain idiotic? She's still there... Getting the shittiest hours, and even shittier service. The reason why this month has been so shifty is because of her.

There was an altercation between her and I, to which my manager walked on, as I was giving her a piece of my mind. One thing led to another, and I got punished for two weeks because of it. Getting 3 half days per week, MORNING shifts... Isn't cutting it. I am now $437 in debt, and don't know where I'll get that cash.

After the fact, everyone has spoken to our manager, he's up to speed about her fuckups and I'm hoping next week that I'll have more hours.

Today he interviewed a new girl... So, I have high hopes that i don't see that fuckig cunt anymore.

$30 every two to three days is not something you can live on.


As far as my personal life goes... Just been chilling and sleeping when I get a chance to. Still tokin, still pwning.

Plan to get a scooter by the end of next week, let's see how that goes for me. If I can pull that off, my life will get sooooo much easier.

No more 20m walks to and from work. It's been getting on my nerves lately.

Sucks even more that when ever my roommate is around, he doesn't even bother to offer a ride, knowing very well what I go through every day. Just part of the struggle I guess.

All I due time, I have lots of plans to bring to fruition... But I'm not desperate in any way.

One step at a time... Hmm hmmhmm hmmmmmmmmhmm hmmm


To anyone who actually waited for my posts and looks forward to them, two things:

Thank you, for your patience and understanding.
It's not that I don't want to, I honestly have no time.


Being cut short those two weeks made me do crazy apeshit looking for another possible job... The entirety of my focus was solely on that. My apologies.

Thank you everybody, and have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night.

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