just_a_waiter (just_a_waiter) wrote,

What this is...

I am a server, been in the business for a long time. Haven't been on LJ since basically high school... I missed it.

I'll be posting the ins and outs of my life at my job, it's happenstances, nice and shitty customers, etc.

I might get personal, I might not... I'll see where the course of this journal takes place.

In the meantime, I on break at the moment. Was planning on walking back to my house which is like 15 mins away for some tokes before I had to come back, and just as is my luck with Florida weather... It literally started pouring as soon as I set a foot out the door.

In the long run, Taco Tuesday really takes it out of me. I would have much rather been stoned than have to wait, but when days like these come along... Those hits are really something. Already had a bitch today, and made sure she went out of her way to make a scene. If that's a sign of how today is going to shape up... I can't wait!!

I'll post either after I get out of work, or when I get home.

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